Catrin Nye

Email Invitation to David vs Goliath Showdown

Email invitations have been addressed to the following from the BBC who were involved in the production and promotion of ‘A Very British Cult’:

  • Catrin Nye, BBC Investigative Journalist
  • Tim Davie, BBC Director General
  • Andrew Gold, ‘Fallen BBC Presenter’, Podcaster
  • Marianna Spring, BBC Disinformation & Social Media Correspondent
  • Joanna Carr, BBC Head of Current Affairs
  • Rani Singh, BBC Journalist
  • Michael Cowan, BBC Newsnight UK Producer
  • Rabia Ali, BBC Freelance Designer & Animator, Mullenlowe Rauf Design Team Lead
  • Will Drysdale, BBC Radio 4 Assistant Commissioner – Podcasts & Digital
  • Ibtisam Zein, BBC News Production Coordinator
  • Rhian Roberts, BBC Commissioner Podcasts/Formats/Digital
  • Naomi Goddard, BBC Graphic Designer
  • Charley Douglas, BBC Proms Learning Business Coordinator
  • Jon Briest, BBC Production Manager
  • Liv Facey, BBC Journalist
  • Martin McQuade, BBC Cameraman
  • Jo Adnitt, BBC Senior Broadcast Journalist
  • Jamie Bartlett, BBC Writer
  • Natalie Truswell, BBC Producer
  • Ravin Sampat, BBC UK Executive Editor
  • Aisha Doherty, BBC Journalist
  • Ed Main, BBC Journalist
  • Benjamin Lister, BBC Director & Editor
  • Lorna Acquah, BBC Journalist/Producer
  • Osman Iqbal, BBC Senior Producer
  • Thanduxolo Jika, Sunday Times Journalist
  • Britany Josephs, Harper’s Bazaar Freelance Writer, Wonderland Magazine Contributing Editor

This email below was sent to Catrin Nye on Sunday 21st April and was copied into everyone from the BBC connected to the broadcast of ‘A Very British Cult’.

RE: Catrin Nye’s Invitation to David vs Goliath Showdown


Please read this email very carefully, making note of who is copied in and why.

In Paul Waugh’s X (formerly Twitter) post on 8th March, he referred to you as the ‘Nick Leeson of the BBC’. Why? Because in the case of Nick Leeson, the world got to see how hubristic pride, lies and superficial success can lead to the downfall of not just an individual, but one of the oldest merchant banks in the UK endorsed by Royalty.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Proverbs 16:18

Through the broadcast of lie after lie after lie in ‘A Very British Cult’ last year, we have seen the BBC’s institutional evil unfold, now known as the BBC Savile Syndrome. That is why every single person (whom we are aware of) who has been involved with your docusoap is copied into this email, right the way up to the Director-General himself, Tim Davie. 

We pray that all will see the reality of what’s happened here and that this leads to justice, compensation and reform where appropriate. 

The suffering perpetuated by your actions

Catrin, since the first email we sent to Michael Cowan in February 2022 asking the BBC to conduct a true, fair and accurate investigation into Lighthouse International Group, we have sought the BBC’s so-called impartiality and global reach to end a smear campaign waged by a group of hateful people (your sources) relentlessly seeking to destroy us and our work at Lighthouse. The human and financial cost has been immense, to the point there have been Lighthouse Associates who have attempted to take their own lives under the weight of the pressure from the people you chose to give a global platform to. 

The truth of this abuse and the impact on our health and wellbeing has been minimised, mocked and even celebrated by you as you’ve been caught up in a delusional story sold by your sources that we at Lighthouse are an evil, sinister and destructive cult that you are exposing as the so-called heroine investigative journalist which we called out as being more akin to a variation of Murder She Wrote, “The Cult, She Wrote!” (video trailer here). You have paraded yourself as a paragon of virtue and an angel of light throughout your corrupt investigation and broadcast.  

However, the fact that in the last few days, you were provably caught fishing for a story from a former Lighthouse Associate grieving the very recent loss of a parent shows the sheer lack of care and compassion for us as flawed, imperfect, but most importantly, repentant human beings.   

The extent of the lies in ‘A Very British Cult’

Over the last few weeks, we have started to publicly publish evidence that categorically proves the extensive depth and breadth of lies, omissions and deceit that is present throughout the TV broadcast of ‘A Very British Cult’ and its associated podcast. 

So, I wanted to summarise what we have published so far as the first of (many) lies you have broadcasted to millions across the globe as you have boasted. The first two lies are in the title alone. 

BBC Lie No.1 – That Lighthouse are ‘VERY BRITISH’.

BBC Lie No. 2 – That Lighthouse is a CULT!!!

BBC Lie No.3 – That Paul Waugh & Jai Singh Refused To Be Interviewed By The BBC

BBC Lie No.4 – That Lighthouse Global Partners Only ‘Rebranded’ As Christians Once We Came Under Criticism

Why we have created the David vs Goliath Showdown

Following a year of consolidation, regrouping and evaluation of our options, we have seen that there is currently no way for everyday, conscientious people to respond to a media smear from the likes of the BBC. 

Ofcom appears completely toothless when it comes to the BBC, whilst it would take years and millions to fight the BBC in court with no guarantee of justice as Hugh Grant has seen recently in his legal battle with The Sun.  

Therefore we have needed to create a solution, not just for us, but for anyone falsely accused in the media and those who have had enough of institutional evil and its outgrowths. Hence the David vs Goliath Showdown, starting on 23rd April 2024, has been initiated by us at Lighthouse Global. 

What your response to our invitation reveals

Out of courtesy, respect and a dedication to truth, we are offering the opportunity for you, your team, your sources and your supporters to discuss the reality of Lighthouse live and in real time without the opportunity to manipulate through the chop-and-cheat editing room floor. You bring your evidence and we’ll bring ours. 

Surely if you had the truth, the facts, the full context and the reality, then this would be the crowning glory of your career that’s far greater than any wooden spoon British Podcast Award? 

This is not a dark fantasy fictional story Catrin, this is real life and what’s to come is a public dressing down of how and why the legacy media lies and deceives to pursue its agenda at the cost of others. The fact the BBC Savile Syndrome is currently trending on X (formerly Twitter) shows how the public and specifically forced TV licence fee payers feel about being lied to and the institutional evil at the (rotten) core of this.

We have invited you publicly on social media countless times and attached is your personally delivered invitation to join us for the Showdown on Tuesday, 23rd April 2024. You now have no excuse to say you did not know about this with all 26 recipients of this email as your witnesses.

The opportunity to repent and reform

Despite our multiple warnings to you and others at the BBC like Ravin Sampat and Natalie Truswell, you have purposely broadcasted lies and malicious falsehoods to millions of people across the globe.

There are natural consequences to your actions as you will see in the coming days, weeks, months and years… because we, in Christ, are not going away! 

We have given you countless opportunities to repent and we see that’s your only hope because the BBC Savile Syndrome indicates that anyone at the BBC will be fully prepared to dispense of you in an instant to save themselves and their reputation.

However, everyone else receiving this email must also know that they are complicit in the institutional evil by allowing you, Catrin Nye, to act in the lying, deceiving, unprofessional and evil way you have. They have all earned their places on the ‘BBC wall of shame’ on Instagram which visually portrays the BBC Savile Syndrome for the world to see.

Finally, as Christians standing in Christ and seeking truth, we pray for you all at the BBC, for your repentance and that God may use this situation for His glory. 


Yours sincerely, 

Kris Deichler 

On behalf of all Lighthouse Global Associates