This site contains 1% of the vast amount of evidence and facts we hold on Catrin Nye. The rest will come as the site is updated.

Catrin Nye

Professional predatory troll. A BBC journalist who broadcasts sensationalised lies to further her career while claiming to be a credible investigative journalist.

“The BBC along with its media and establishment allies, has become the vehicle for the propagation of a series of lies in pursuit of a political agenda.”

– Robert Aitken, former BBC journalist

In the war on truth, Catrin Nye stands on the side of falsehood and lies. She is a provable liar, deceiver, anti-Christian, and most damning, she has protected families that have abused their own children. She puts her fame and self-importance above anyone and everyone.

This Site Will Reveal The (Malicious and Unrepentant) Character And Competence Of The BBC’s Catrin Nye:

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.

– Proverbs 11:3

1. Protects and supports child abusive families, including families guilty of incestual sexual abuse.

2. Smears and mocks Christians in their efforts to heal in Christ from abuse and trauma.

3. Uses deliberate lies and omission to deceive others for her career progression and self-promotion.

3. Seeks glory and praise for herself at the expense of her victims and their reputations.

4. Creates sensationalised stories through broadcasting people’s vendettas to a mass audience.

5. Has a degenerate attitude towards her own self-improvement as well as towards those who seek to regenerate their characters.

6. Was a member of the BBC’s Newsnight team in 2011 when the Jimmy Savile scandal was being exposed by her colleagues. They lost their jobs at the BBC, she kept hers.

Why Are We Exposing Professional Predatory Troll Catrin Nye?

There is a war on the truth. Catrin Nye is a so-called journalist who uses lies, deceit and who builds her career on the backs of the livelihoods and souls of others, in the name of investigation.

Catrin Nye has wilfully supported and protected child abusive parents, who in some cases are guilty of enabling sexual abuse on their own children! To be clear: Catrin Nye, in the name of exposing a so-called ‘cult’ for fame, has protected families actually guilty of abusing their own children.

She has tried to derail and sabotage the health and safety of now-adult Christian children who were abused by their families. 

Catrin Nye is not alone. She is one of many so-called journalists who use their media platforms to perform public executions on their targets. She and others are anti-Christ, anti-wisdom, anti-integrity, anti-growth and anti-love. They seek only to glorify themselves. You could be next. All it takes for Nye and the likes of her to find a few people in your life willing to lie about you and before you know it, they have hijacked your life to broadcast on TV! Beware! Keep on the watch. This site and our work through David vs Goliath will help you stay informed to protect yourself and your loved ones.

This site is our response to the malicious lies and deception in which we will:

1. Educate people on modus operandi of tyrants and those who abuse the freedom of the press. 

2. Enable people to glean reality better and challenge a situation and falsehoods in order to get to the truth.

3. Start the process of holding Catrin Nye accountable through facts, not fiction, through evidence, not hearsay. 

4. Set a precedent for journalists to at the very least think twice when taking on anyone they perceive to be an easy hit using lies and deceit.

Learn more and see the evidence being revealed on

the David vs Goliath Showdown...

THE BBC Savile Syndrome & Catrin Nye

It is here that we at Lighthouse are facing and confronting INSTITUTIONAL EVIL and calling out the most pervasive and destructive syndromes in our world.. The BBC’s Savile Syndrome!..

Named after (likely) the most infamous and prolific child sex abuser to have lived and ever worked at the BBC (and that’s saying something) having preyed on around 500 vulnerable victims, some as young as two-years-old!! 

But the BBC Saville Syndrome is NOT JUST about paedophilia, as that is just a secondary outgrowth of the underlying problem.. the syndrome itself.

The BBC Savile Syndrome is everything the BBC does that allows, facilitates, supports and encourages its institutional evil. 

Catrin Nye is the epitome of the BBC Savile Syndrome. She’s lied,  deceived, cover-up-ed. She’s never apologised. She’s gone silent, she’s attacked, she’s brought out more lies to try and knock out the person that’s holding her accountable to her lies. This is all central to the pathology of the BBC Savile Syndrome.

This website exposes Catrine Nye and how she embodies the BBC Savile Syndrome!